Hey guys! Check out the leaderboard for the Cup of Nations promo!!

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Here are the promotion details:

GreySnow Poker is running a no-deposit-required promotion from April 12th to May 31st that provides great value and engagement for players called the Cup of Nations II.

In the absence of the usual entertainment of international sports, the Cup of Nation II will allow players to compete for themselves while they also compete for their countries during the weeks and months of isolation ahead.

€11 000 in prizes will be given away through our Leaderboard Competition and Two Finals.

Here’s how the promotion works:

  • Players accumulate Leaderboard points for their 10 best qualifier finishes leading up to both a Solo Final (top 30 LB qualifiers) and a Country Final (separate leaderboard).
  • Players accumulate participation points each time they play a qualifier - €1, 2€ or €5, with 1 point/€1 in entry fee. 20 points are needed to qualify for the Finals
  • 1st in the Solo Final is €2 500. 1st in the Country Final is €1 500. The top 5 finishers on the Leaderboard share €1 000, including €500 for first.
  • Although the promo runs 7 weeks, even players jumping on board in week 6 have a shot at winning
  • Direct Buy-in to the Solo Final is possible
  • Anybody playing even a single qualifier will be entered in a Lucky Loser competition which awards 6 spots in the Solo Final

Qualifiers run every day during the promotion until end of May