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    Default Czech Senate overwhelmingly passes iGaming bill

    It was a resounding victory for online gaming last week in the Czech Republic as the Senate voted 42-0 (with 23 abstentions) in favor of proposed new gambling legislation.

    Under the legislationís provisions, international gambling operators from the European Union and the European Economic Area would be allowed to apply for a license in the country. Currently, there areonly five licensed operators to be providing online gambling options within the Czech Republicís borders.
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    It was a resounding victory for online gaming
    It is irony I hope
    The recent oligopoly just managed to seal the market. That is it. Until now Czechs could bet anywhere they wanted, now the unlicenced operators will be blocked in ISP level. Everybody is now learning how to use VPNs, but they do not know that at least the best operators abroad will probably leave the market as in other Eu countries.
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