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    Default D'Amato says Internet poker could be regulated in 18 months

    According to, former Senator and PPA Chairman Alfonse D'Amato believes that Internet poker could be legal and regulated in the US in 18 months or less.

    4flush was reporting on a session at G2E, where Harrah's representatives also addressed their desire to make an Internet poker site.

    Speakers present during the session included J.Terrence Lanni, chairman and CEO of MGM MIRAGE, Gary Loveman, Chairman,CEO and president of Harrah’s Entertainment,Inc; Ander Wilsenach, CEO of the Alderney Gambling Control Commission and of course D’Amato. They all were in agreement that online poker would most likely be legalized before other online casino-style games.

    They also believe that underage gambling can be prevented and players can be protected online. They said that because of the ban in the U.S. for reputable payment processers players may be using payment options that are not as safe. “I am afraid the U.S. customer today is very exposed - there’s no player protection,” Andre Wilsenach said.

    Loveman talked about Harrah’s want to research possibly expanding the WSOP to an online market which would have to be done overseas. Loveman stated along with Lanni that they do not want to explore places where the laws are unclear and business would only be done where it is clearly legal.
    Here's more on the on the talk from the Las Vegas Gaming Wire ...
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