The Danish Gaming Authority (Spillemyndigheden) has reprimanded LeoVegas for failings in its customer verification checks, while also revealing that fell foul of the authority a year ago for an inadequate anti-money laundering policy.

The news comes after the operator approached the regulator to report that an internal investigation had found an error in its customer verification processes. The regulator did not mention the specific sanctions against LeoVegas.

From an article on iGaming Business:

This error, it said, allowed temporary accounts to be converted to permanent accounts without completing the required verification checks between June 2019 and May 2020. After this point the issue was corrected to ensure the error would not be repeated.

Players in this time period were verified only through NemID, a login used for banks and other services which every Danish citizen is eligible to receive.

Spillemyndigheden said that this meant LeoVegas’s checks were inadequate, as NemID can only be used when a risk assessment places a player at low risk.

“In all other cases, use of NemID cannot stand alone and must thus be supplemented by another control source or other mitigating measures,” it said.
In addition, was also reprimanded in a ruling this week after the regulator said it had failed to prepare an "adequate risk assessment regarding money laundering" in December of 2019, as required by the Money Laundering Act.

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