Dear amigos affiliates in 23Partners,
I'm glad and honored to start this open discussion with all existing and future affiliates of our program on GPWA forum.

This thread is aimed to deal with your opinions regarding our program. I'd appreciate all your constructive feedbacks and realistic opinions that you'll share here with regards to our company, promotions, marketing division, the site in general and the daily cooperation and relation with us.

This discussion is in line with our company policy of complete sharing and participation among all affiliates and people in relations with Planet23. Your opinions, reviews and ideas have greatly improved us in the past, and we want this important interaction to continue.
Better relation, better cooperation, better conversion.

You can post us here publicly or privately, send me a PM or get a hold of me on MSN/Skype/phone. I'll greatly appreciate your thoughts.
We can make $1+$1=$3, let us show you how.
Best regards