Hi All,

Selling a German gambling portal, all content written by me in English then translated by a hired professional translator to German. Wordpress site, will deliver site backup and domain transfer. You will need to change all affiliate links to your own.

Why am I selling?

I tested the waters in Gambling but am not experienced in this vertical, I am going back to verticals I know and focusing on those. The traffic sources I know best are not available for casino. I have for several months now been working on other projects. So I do not have time to maintain this site.

Promotion strategy:
This site was designed to be promoted through paid PPC campaigns (not SEO, although I did create it to be SEO-friendly). The two landing pages are designed to be a gateway/entry-points to the portal to generate interest and traffic. You can either continue with a PPC strategy, or change to SEO (creating alot more content). I did an initial traffic test on adult, and got a few FDP/NDCs. Too low volume yet to confirm the strategy, so would suggest the buyer have some knowledge of this type of promotion or have an idea how to change it to SEO or some other form.

Site has:
10 German Online Casinos Integrated
1 Social Casino
2 custom-written landing pages (10 biggest online casino wins of all time, Improve your online casino game with these 5 Tips)
GA/GTM Integrated
SEO-friendly content & design
SEO Domain

Buyer will need:
Create affiliate accounts with the casinos he wants to keep integrated and change the links
Move files to his own host/server
Assist with domain transfer/receiving
Switch to your GA/GTM (Might be able to transfer ownership of ga/gtm accounts, but not sure as i've never done that).

Additional purchase options:
- Onesignal setup
- GTM/GTA Setup/transfer
- Integration with your tracking solution (if you have one)
- All portal links updated (requires you to have affiliate accounts on all casinos)

This service would not include:
- account creation on affiliate networks
- addition of new casinos

This is perfect for someone looking to get started in the German market, or an experienced webmaster to expand their portfolio. Please contact me at info <at> spielvergleich24.de

Turnkey Casino Portal, Custom Design, Content, Domain: 800 Euro
All of the above + GTM/GA, Onesignal Integration, Integrate your tracking links(must send them to me): 1,200 Euro

(Or best offer). I reserve the right to take higher offers than the above, I will keep this going for a week or two depending on interest.