Hey everyone,

is proud to announce yet another exclusive promotion!

Dice Jackpot will revolve around FortuneJack’s Brand-New DICE Game!

This promotion will take place from September 7th. The players will have an amazing opportunity to win the 3 BTC Progressive Jackpot while playing our House-made DICE Game. 3 BTC is a starting minimum! Each day will add more to the whole Jackpot Sum!

The Rules are very simple: In order to Win the Jackpot, players will have to primarily pick their 4-digit Lucky Number (e.g. 48.75). After that, they’ll need to hit the number 77.77 during the gameplay. If the player hits their lucky number after getting 77.77 on the previous play, he/she will get the Jackpot!

There is no other casino in the world that lets players choose their own Lucky Number in the DICE! FortuneJack is the only one to do it! Plus, there’s a brand-new design that was created for the true gambling enthusiasts, providing fastest gameplay in the whole industry. We doubled down on the factors of Fun and some heart-pumping journey!

Additionally,FJ’s new DICE let’s you play on dual mode, which splits the screen into two separate Dice Games! Players can easily score twice the profit! No other Casino offers something like this!

This is yet another lucrative opportunity presented by FortuneJack, because we strive to bring the best service to the world of online gambling.

If you have any questions or concerns, we would love to hear from you.
For more information, please visit: https://fortunejack.com/provably/dice-blue

May the fortune be on your side!