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    Default Do I need a gaming License?

    I am starting a unique online raffle site. There will be no casino games or sportsbook. I am incorporated in Belize and host all my sites in Belize as well. Although I may reincorporate in Costa Rica and conduct my business there.

    All of my banking relating to the site will also be done offshore. Is it nessecary for me to obtain a gaming license?

    I don't know if a raffle is somewhat of a gray area as there are not too many sites out there that are stricty raffle sites. Any feedback would be appreciated.

    An even more pressing question I have is if I partnered with another outfit such as an online casino or sportsbook, would it be relatively simple to operate under their license? Thanks in advance

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    We can't answer those questions for you. You need to check with attorneys in the countries you're talking about.

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