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  • I always use a www prefix and plan to continue.

    5 50.00%
  • I always use a www prefix today but plan to change.

    2 20.00%
  • Most, but not all of my sites use a www prefix.

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  • I have a mixed bag of both www and non-www sites.

    3 30.00%
  • Most of my sites do not use a www prefix, but some do.

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  • None of my sites use a www prefix.

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    Question Do use a www prefix on your website host names?

    At one time it was almost universal that website host names began with a prefix of "www." Over time that has become less true. In the case of the GPWA, we never publish the website name as anymore. For example, in the GPWA Times Magazine we list the website address as simply, although to this day we redirect to

    Recently I've been considering abandoning that approach, and instead operating websites under a host name without the "www." prefix and redirecting from the www host name to the non-www host name. I've almost developed a mindset that the www is archaic looking.

    So, for this week's poll I thought I would ask what others think. Do you have a preference one way or the other? Is your preference as strong as it once was, or is your preference changing? Have you actually changed host names based on a change in your preferences?

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    I always do use a www prefix on my domains, but it really doesn't matter and it makes no difference because most people (myself included) never type it in when doing a search on the internet.
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    As voted, I have a mixed bag of www and non www. Reason behind this: Older sites which were setup with www, I haven't changed (not sure it really matters these days) but more so due to lots of incoming links to the www.

    The only issue you could get with www and non-www, is if your using sub-domains.

    I've seen some wacky (shared hosting) setups over my time, and once you start fiddling around with www to non-www on an existing site that also uses a sub-domain(s) EG -, that with the funk hosting setup, and htaccess redirect from www to non-www or visa versa, I've seen issues occur such as: endless loops or sub-domain(s) not resolving etc. Sometimes the best tip is: "if it's not broken don't fix it!"
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    Technically, www is correct while non-www is not very different from a subdomain.

    But I use non-www on sites where the full name just looks better that way, and sometimes to strip those 4 useless characters. I could even say non-www is my preferred way to go.

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    I think a www site more trustworthy for a bit older visitors.

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