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    Default Do you bet on fortnite and other esport video games?

    Does anyone here bet on fortnite?

    How many have started promoting fortnite and many other video games (most often referred to as e-sports) ?

    A quick search can easily determine that many bookies such as betway, bet365, mr green, betonline, bovada, bodog, pinnacle and many many more carry odds and allow for betting on them.

    The list of esport video games that you can bet on is rapidly growing such as fortnite, league of legends, rainbow 6, heroes of the storm, halo, call of duty, starcraft, and many more.

    The prizes for the winners playing the games themselves can grow to huge amounts. As an example, recently in July in New York the grand prize for the Fortnite World Cup solo competition was 3 million dollars.

    But this winner in July sheds a lot of light on why it could be a serious problem to allow betting on such games. The winner, Kyle Giersdorf of Pennsylvania is 16 years old.

    Going back to the first question, Does anyone here bet on fortnite?, did you bet on this child?

    With all the changes in licensing restrictions, including restrictions against advertising that is targeted at children, wouldn't advertising almost ANY e-sport game, that appeals to a younger crowd, be easily considered targeted at children?

    Surely there will be some debate about what should or should not be allowed, but recent reports of forced removal of some of the images used in some slot games, or cartoon characters as an example, I certainly see issues on the horizon with e-sports that will need to be dealt with.

    Wouldn't any press release about Kyle winning the 3 million, along side of any ads of books that carry fortnite odds or games, represent advertising that makes it attractive to young people possibly run afoul of some of the above mentioned rules.


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    will it attract more young people and minors to betting? fortnite is more the game for those under 21. won't it be a new wave of children's betting?

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