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    Question Do you have information about the WSOP on your website?

    The 2009 World Series of Poker started with the first of 57 events at the end of May. But the WSOP really heated up this past week with the $50,000 H.O.R.S.E. event earlier in the week and with the Main Event beginning on Friday with 6,500 participants that will be narrowed down to 9 by next Wednesday, July 15th.

    So this week I'm curious to find out how many webmasters have any material related to the WSOP on their websites. Maybe you have a news story or two about it, maybe you feature online gaming sites as a way to win an entry into the tournament.

    Let us know in this week's poll if you have any information on the WSOP on your site, and if you do, share with us what you do on your site with a post in this thread.

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    We here at Casino City have been covering the World Series of Poker from Las Vegas for the last four years. I have been there for the last two WSOPs and I must say that as a writer covering the industry it is certainly a worthwhile experience.

    People often ask me, "How do you cover a poker tournament?" The answer is that myself and our managing editor Vin Narayanan make it a point to not really write about the actual poker itself. If you want chip counts and hand histories you can go to the WSOP Web site or other poker news outlets.

    What we try to do is capture the atmosphere of the WSOP and bring you inside the Rio to get a feel for what it's like to be there. We try to dig up human interest stories or interesting tidbits about the players that you won't read anywhere else.

    To read some of our articles from this year's WSOP, you can visit:


    I am back in in the Casino City home offices in Boston, but Vin will be in Sin City to watch the original Main Event field of 6,494 entrants get played down to nine final tableists. Our plan is to be back in Vegas in November when the final table is played and the 2009 Main Event champ is crowned.

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    I tend to promote the steps tournaments and freerolls to the WSOP at pokerpeople showing that you dont have to be mega rich to make it to vegas.

    Was only a few players away myself last year.

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    We have a YouTube video at the top of the home page, which gives a little mini-tour of the 2009 WSOP, including many things of interest to anyone that they might not already know, such as satellite and nightly tourney.

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    We've done very little this year compared to previous years ..

    Wrote a blog article when Phil Ivy won his second bracelet of the 2009 series - but otherwise it's been a big yawnfest to be honest.

    The "November Nine" idea seems to be popular in media circles - but what it really seems to have done is neuter the "World Series of Poker" into a six week repetitive series of mini-events with no real resolution.

    I mean other than the horse 50K, and the 10K no limit - the other events are just ... ummm ... so what?! Bracelets for bracelets sake.

    WSOP coverage overall seems very very low key - but perhaps that's due to the lack of big name winners?

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    We provide an information regarding poker news, current events and poker games in our site but we provide least about WSOP. What is the benefit then of featuring any certain issue about WSOP? Can we gain something about it?

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    Basically only promotional content, satellites, qualifiers etc. Nothing that gives news of the goings on at the WSOP.
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    I voted no content... But in actuality one of my bloggers made a post or two about WSOP events. It's minimal... I find the poker info market is somewhat saturated - so dedicated sites get almost all the traffic such info would generate. Just isn't a vertical I have gotten into, other than some cross-selling on sports and casino players.
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