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    Question Do you offer free-to-play versions of gambling games on your websites?

    Earlier this month, on the 7th of February 2019, the UK Gambling Commission made the following announcement:

    New rules to make online gambling in Britain fairer and safer

    The new rules come into effect in three months on 7 May 2019 and are primarily focused on requiring age verification checks before any funds are deposited into an account or any gambling is permitted.

    However, they go a step further and prohibit operators from providing access to free-to-play versions of gambling games on licensees' websites until after age verification has been completed, in an effort to prevent children from accessing such games.

    So, for this week's poll I ask affiliates if they currently offer free-to-play versions of gambling games on their websites.

    Besides voting in the poll, if you do offer free-to-play versions of games, be sure to share your views of how the changes will effect what you offer on your websites to UK players.

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    Yes, I still currently offer free-to-play versions of gambling games on most of my websites. I'm mainly USA focused, but I also have a number of flags for different countries in my sites (including the UK) in which I target non-USA traffic.

    I think that these changes will be more bad than good because tighter regulations mean that more work is required of players (documentation, ID etc.) In order to play the games that they want from these casino operators. I think that most of these players can't be bothered to carry out all of these requirements and as such, will feel deterred to keep on playing as they do. We will still just have to wait and see what will happen with the newest regulations on May 7.
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    Yes. Free-to-play games my main buisness.
    I am 100% focused on free-to-play games. This is not very quality traffic (if we compare with review sites) but I like it.

    I am confirm that I don't follow UKGC rules. I am non-uk citizen. I am not located in UK. UKGC confirm, on they own statement, that free-play games is "technicaly non gambling". And UK law don't forbidden it. So for me is very strange why UKGC try to control this area. Am I break any UK law? The answer is no.

    I had conversation with one east europe software provider. They have the same point of view. The have the same point of view. UKGC have no right to tell another world what we must do. If we want insert free-play games on our site - we do it.

    UKGC rules have for us the same value as the rules of Saudi Arabia Supreme Sharia law.

    p.s. uk-based operators offer they service in many countries where gambling is forbidden. China, Russia, Middle east. UKGC close they eyes for this. The don't ask how many money uk-based operators make in Asia? Because this is taxes. But free-to-play games - this is main world evil.
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    You are right in the general idea but the thing is that operators will enforce it on you.

    Btw, in terms of affiliates that are not UK focused - it should be non issue - the operators should simply add based on UK IP age verification before the game loads and that's it. Somehow i have the sense that most won't do it right and we will have to clean that mess on our sites.
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    Thanks for the heads up on the free-to-play games. Did not fully realize the impact and will now need to look at options to prevent UK players from playing these games.

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    No, since the UK Gambling Commission made the news rules announcement we don't offer any more free bets in bet-bg

    There are many other bonuses and promotions to be offered and presented.

    The reason for the new rules is understandable. However, not all users understand correctly the promotion of free sports betting. Especially for bet365.


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    This is very weird. Let's say I have a free game on my website, right? Some of the casinos that offer it are registered with the UK Commission, some are not. Would they consider it breaking the rules?

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