View Poll Results: Do you plan to go to Barcelona this September?

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  • Yes, for the EiG conference only.

    0 0%
  • Yes, for the GPWA conference only.

    0 0%
  • Yes, for the CAP Euro conference only.

    7 25.00%
  • Yes, for the EiG and GPWA conferences.

    0 0%
  • Yes, for the GPWA and CAP Euro conferences.

    6 21.43%
  • Yes, for the EiG and CAP Euro conferences.

    0 0%
  • Yes, for the EiG, GPWA, and CAP Euro conferences.

    4 14.29%
  • Yes, but I'm not sure exactly what conferences yet.

    1 3.57%
  • Maybe I'll go to Barcelona, but I'm not sure yet.

    3 10.71%
  • I'd love to go to Barcelona, but it's not in the cards this year.

    6 21.43%
  • I'm not going to Barcelona because I don't want to go.

    1 3.57%
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    I will be there hitting only CAP I am affraid.

    Should be decent though, taking into consideration last year, it was still a good event but this will be better I'm thinking.

    I will be arranging times to meet anytime now, so if anyone wants to chat about anything to do with Red Flush or Red Returns please let me know. Even if its just to say hello, thats cool with me.

    Feel free to get in touch with me.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Chips View Post
    I can do that, providing I get a 40% rev share on all blackmail proceeds!
    Hey Chips you cannot extort money from the blackmailer. That just is not ethical! lmao
    ha ha ha ha

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