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    Question Do you use absolute or relative links on your websites?

    Over the past month there has been a discussion about using absolute versus relative links to pages within a site.

    You can see the thread started by GPWA member UltimatePokerBonus here: Internal Links - Does the "www" matter?

    Some folks favor using absolute links and others favor relative links.

    Arguments in favor of relative links include that certain types of site changes are easier to make using relative urls. Examples include changing from http to https, or migrating from one host name or domain name to another. As once example, if you have both a test website (say and a public website (say then the two sites can be copies of one another except for the particular areas where you are testing changes. This is the approach we take with the GPWA website.

    On the other hand, sites using relative links are somewhat easier to copy by those who engage in unethical site scraping. And so some folks use absolute urls as a way of creating an impediment to folks copying their sites, or simply because they like specifying full urls.

    Besides voting in the poll, be sure to share your practices and thoughts on the subject.

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    Only sites with static content (HTML) can be copied. PHP can not be accessed externally (and that includes Wordpress), so it's impossible for anyone to create a mirror image of your site. Unless they have backend access, but in that case you're screwed anyway.

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    I mostly use absolute links, but if the files I'm linking to are within the same directory, then it's just easier to use relative links.

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    I always use absolute url's no matter what.

    As far as the www or not, I always use it, but make sure the htaccess file is set to redirect any non-www urls or traffic to the www one.

    I think the best practice is to decide what you will do and ALWAYS do that to stay consistent.


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