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  • No, I don't have a name that could be considered a trademark.

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  • Yes, I have a trade name that could be considered a trademark, but have not stated it is a trademark anywhere.

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  • Yes, I have a trade name I claim as a trademark, but have no plans to register it.

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  • Yes, I have a trademark and have a registration pending.

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  • Yes, I have a trademark registered in one or more jurisdictions.

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    Question Does your business have a trademark?

    A trademark can be a valuable asset of a business. Certainly that is true for major online gaming sites. But many affiliates also operate sites under well known brand names. Legal protection exists for brand names. Some level of protection arises simply through use of a brand name and a declaration that the brand name is a trademark. More formal protection can be obtained through registration of a trademark in one or more countries. I know, for example, that Casinomeister has been a registered trademark in the European Union since 2005. And I originally registered the trademark Casino City in the United States in 2003, and have since filed for registration in a number of other countries. The most recent was in Australia earlier today, which is why I am thinking about trademarks at the moment.

    So, for this weeks poll I thought I would ask about trademark use. Do you have a trademark? If you do, have you stated anywhere, for example, on the terms of use on your website, that it is a trademark? And finally, do you plan to register it, or have you actually registered it? If so, where, and what has your experience been with the trademark registration process.

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    A handful of our casinos are trademarked. Although it doesn't stop affiliates using the brand name in their marketing promotions, it does mean domains in other TLDs are not allowed.
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