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    Default domain name

    Hey all,

    I recently started to get interested in online poker promotion and found this forum, i read almost all of it and some others related, took me 2 months to read 1\50 of all the quality info i found. Enough to make me want to start something.
    I bought a host and found what i thought at the time was a nice name, , and decided to make a forum to gather the guys i know in my region that play poker, and get some money out of it.... fast i realized i could think bigger and was limiting myself, so im determined to make a real go.
    I have came up with 3 nice domains names and i bought them all not believing they were mine, in one of them i was to late to get the .com, so i got .net\.info.
    My question is, if i develop the .net domain i have, will not the .com owner be getting value with my work?? Should i pay money for the .com considering the name is very nice and i would very much like to develop it? Also should i also get that domain in .org ??

    Also im not a web designer, in you guys experience how much should i be ready to pay to have a code written for my site? I know you'll say it can vary a lot, that i know but all i want is to have an idea of what a quality work can cost.

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    First of all, welcome to GPWA. Reading as much as you can is a great way to get started. I wish I came to GPWA before I wasted almost 6 months (if not a year) on things that didn't work. You may not know it, but your going to save tons of time.

    About your domain name. I recommend getting the .com. Stay away from the .org, .net, and .info domain names. If you get creative you'll come up with one. Like you mentioned in your post. If you promote the .net version of a domain name, the .com will benefit because no one really remembers the .net, they just assume it's the .com.

    About your web design: I recommend buying a template to start off with. Maybe start a CMS (content Management System) like Joomla. It will allow you to spend more time writing content. It's also free and relatively easy to use.

    Keep reading, and don't give up!


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