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    Default Don't gamble with your Pediatrician

    I am not so sure this Pediatrician will increase their marketshare by this, but I guess that would depend on how well casino games might be received in their community.

    I am still trying to figure out if one can play casino games while the doctor was examining their child, they didn't show any pictures of the slots next to the exam table, or at least in the waiting room.

    I am not sure if this is a leadin to the hacker dropping their javascript on the site, or just a general hack that was not 100% successful, or some seo wannabe that messed up or what.


    Edited to add, yep, this site has been hit by the hacker, a site: search revealed other pages that in fact DO show the hackers pages.

    The code I am placing follows a button with a class attached, with an on click for opening a new window, and on a mousedown an href that shows this

    The above is clearly their affiliate id, but what strikes me is, would the stats at the casino capture the trackingid= ?

    If so, there is certainly no excuse for not seeing this stuff come from sites that we have certainly proven to them have been hacked.

    That particular code came from a 120x50 on the roulette page.

    Ok I realize this doctor is in New Jersey, but how many pediatricians are going to honestly promote slots?

    If they would, I would think that they wouldn't do it on the same site as their office...

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