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    Default Doyle Brunson endorses Barack Obama

    Doyle Brunson recently tipped his rather large cowboy hat in Barack Obama's direction, endorsing the Illinois Senator's presidential bid on his blog.

    "I have come to the conclusion that poker players have to support Obama. We can't possible let McCain be our President because supports most of George W. Bush's views. Hillary has lots of experience but I don'tt hink she is ready to lead our nation. Imagine her trying to talk to the leaders of the Islamic world? I wish we could have her husband back, but we can't. Jennifer Harman and I have e-mailed Obama and asked what his is on Internet gambling. Hopefully we'll get a response from his camp.
    Sounds to Buzzy like Doyle isn't quite ready to vote for a woman ...

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    Has Doyle seen today's picture of Obama in Kenya robes? (

    The Republicans will have a field day with Obama over this one.

    What a shame. But, post-911 did have an effect on the American psyche unfortunately. If there is nothing to be ashamed of whats the big deal?

    Leave it up to the Democrats to lose a sure-thing election . . .

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