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    Default Dutch casino portals beware of KVA

    Hello all,

    I want to warn you guys about something I found intruiging at first but could be potentially very dangerous. Some of the bigger boys in the industry have a KVA logo under their Dutch facing casino portals. I think most of them just signed AND PAID the whopping 1500 Euros just to have the logo without reading the small print. In the small print it says your website will be checked frequently and if you do not conduct by the slightest of their rules that they can put a hefty fine on you. Some of the sites I checked have the logo's and are already breaching the small print which is fineable as per T&C by a small.... 1000 Euro's a day!

    In all fairness, I think the owners of the idea of having a KVA or ''trusted Dutch casino affiliate'' is not only trying to look like GPWA, but to let you pay for the logo + the small print and the fines etc... The company behind it is a lawfirm, probably looking for a quick buck. BE WARNED!!!


    Please note that KVA has nothing to do with the regulatory body Nederlandse Kansspel Autoriteit which is KSA. KVA is a scam that sells you a logo under your site with so-called ''added customer value'' that costs you 1500 Euro to place and after it 1000 Euro a day when you break the T&C which almost all sites that display the logo already have in some way. It's an easy scam preying on casino affiliates (whom the law firm behind the scam thinks make a lot of money for doing nothing!)

    When one asks how they base the price on 1500 Euro you get their answer that it's for a trusted lawyer to inspect your site for fairness according to their standards blablabla, something GPWA does for free, enlists you, gives you a free tshirt and magazine and is actually of added value to be part of.

    My advice is to not buy their logo as it has nothing to do with the Dutch state, it's just a good old scam.
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