Valencia may have walked away as this weekendís Emirates Cup champions, but there was also cause for celebration among a couple of Colossus punters who bagged big profits with some astute Pick 4 correct score predictions.

Playing via Betfair, one customer held his nerve to bank £5,000 after staking only £3.20; a more cautious individual may have fractionally cashed in a portion of their ticket earlier in the pool, but sometimes bravery pays off!

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Another player, utilising The Colossus option on the Betdaq site, staked £16 and walked away with £4,600 Ė even though they ended up with a losing ticket! Clearly having second thoughts about Arsenalís ability to win 2-1 against Monaco, the punter banked 90 percent of their ticket to ensure they walked away with a huge profit even before the poolís final leg began; in hindsight, a very wise move.

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Colossus pools are now available on Betfair, BETDAQ and Boylesports, as well as via The Colossus site. Think your players have the football knowledge to take down the Colossus pools and score some healthy returns? Get involved by joining the affiliate programme!