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    Wink Engage Entertainment Group and the 20kgs of gold

    This week we discovered something so amazing, so incredible, that we can only really describe it as the discovery of the luckiest punter in history.

    While playing at 20 or more different Engage Entertainment Group casinos (responsible for Pragmatic Play, formerly known as TopGame), this genius of gambling, this master of the punt known only as doodlebugger21, was able to win 1kg of gold bullion and over $18,000 in cash separately at almost every single different casino operated by this company. We're talking over $800,000 in gold and another $360,000+ in cash. Truly it is an extraordinary winning streak that you won't want to miss reading about.

    Read on and prepare to be amazed...
    World's "Luckiest" Man Wins 20kg of Gold at 20 Different Casinos


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