And another one bites the dust. Frank Lampard has today followed in the footsteps of his England contemporary Steven Gerrard in declaring his retirement from international football. Although the announcement cannot be seen as a shock Ė the man is 36 after all Ė it does, when coupled with Gerrardís departure, leave a gaping hole in Englandís midfield. The question is no longer if the two can play together, but whether there is anyone capable of successfully filling their shoes.

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While both players were regarded as key members of Englandís Ďgolden generationí, it is safe to say that they have by no means set the international stage alight. While being two of the greatest players to ever grace the Premier League, they have both often struggled to produce their very best when representing their country. Despite this, the task of succeeding them will be no small task; both have captained England, and they have each garnered over 100 England caps. Neither will be replaced easily, and this leads to the following question; do England have anyone capable of stepping up and filling this void?

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