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All the football action is taking place in France and there will be one month with unstoppable action and unpredictable matches for EURO2016.
At Tipbet we have prepared an amazing widget in order to make your experience and excitement even better during EURO2016. On this widget you can find numerous bits of useful information in real time for all the matches.
You missed a match and you want to get an overview of what has happened? No, problem! At Tipbet widget you will find all the information you need.

Line ups, substitutions, ball possession, goal attempts, corners and much more are gathered for you, everything that happens in the match, it is available in real time via this Tipbet widget.
League standings for the teams in the group stage are available in real time and they are updating during each match. The road to the big final on 10 July, via graphs and useful information is available with this user friendly widget.
You missed a match and you want to know all the details? Search for the match and get all the information that you need to know.
The incredible function of live commentary gives you the possibility to share the news in your social media channels and let your friends know what you think about the match.
With the Tipbet widget you have one more tool for choosing your winning picks during this big tournament. Under/Over bets, handicap, goal scorers, everything you need to find for winning bets is at the Tipbet widget.
Try this Tipbet widget absolutely free and be part of the action of the EURO2016 from anywhere.
Give your players another great function and help choose their winning picks!

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