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    oui ils n ont rien paye meme en comptant le negatif et ils m ont meme fermé mon compte alors que j etais en positif sur le mois de mai ... de vrais voleur et il disait a anthony le moderateur de gpwa qu il me payerait ... c est honteux

    They didn 't pay yet, even the amount with the negative carry over ( it s more than 800 dollars), and surprise this morning my account was closed (by the way it happened 2 week ago and after a few days and complains my account came back online with the reason: technical issue, well is it still a technical issue??? Last time i looked at it i was positif in may .

    So Leopold if bestpay are good people and honest, why do they refuse to pay my rev share commissions ? why they did close my account ? Because after 2 weeks of negaciation I became mad at the affiliate manager because i wanted to get something that was belonging to me ?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Anthony View Post
    BPP was reluctant to publicly release any of this information, not wanting to get into a fight in the forums. After seeing the communications and chat logs I asked for their permission to share this in the thread. There are two sides to every story and I felt it was best to get all the info in the open and I promised to end any arguments about this issue. Firstly, payment has been send to JohnJohn24. I have received a copy of the wire details and the OP will confirm when the payment is received.

    Secondly, I did want to point out some items about this issue:

    The OP is tied to the ownership of another affiliate program.

    Eurobenchmark management reached out to JohnJohn24 in the past and asked him for updating his payment details/bank information, since they were not able to send payments/funds to his bank account.

    JohnJohn24 never replied/provided them with updated payment details, which was the main reason the former Eurobenchmark management simply could not sent him his payments.

    John and Patrick of BPP offered them help to receive their payment, after the transition from Eurobenchmark to BestPay Partners.

    Left out of the posted skype chats were the threats against BPP and their personnel, will share upon demand.

    Communication did breakdown after a threat was received. but the OP is getting paid and once the funds are received I will mark the thread as resolved. I want to thank BestPay Partners for taking care of this even after receiving personal threats.

    @celena I will get you an answer to your question.
    Johnjohn24, I noticed you did not reply in the forum to Anthony after he took the time to post this on your behalf. Instead, you created a new thread - which is now merged.

    Why don't you help us out here and let us know what part of Anthony's response (I quoted it above) is not accurate?

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    Wolves in sheep's clothing are afraid of good shepherds. It's their nature.


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    I have confirmation from BPP payment was made. Have sent JohnJohn a PM about his banking details.

    There was no need for another thread. There is no need for this thread to continue. If anyone has any additional questions about this feel free to send me a PM and I will be more than happy to go over it.
    I am here to help if you have any issues with an affiliate program.
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