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    Exclamation Europartners unprofessional behavior with affiliate.

    Wanted to tell about Europartners unprofessional behavior. I have been working with Europartners for long time. Last month I changed my payment method into new bank wire account, because my partners sold our company with all old banking access to other people. I changed the banking details into new ones with Europartners before the payment processing and informed them to not send money to my old bank account, otherwise I will loose my money. So guess what, they still sent money to the old bank account and now I cannot withdraw my money. They said OK, we will not send money to your old bank account and we will send them to your new one... But they sent the payment to my old one and now I'm without my hard earned money. They trying to solve the problem by contacting the old company owners and bank, but it is no use because they do not answer. This is very unprofessional from Europartners as they are such big company.
    Also my affiliate managers do not reply to my questions about the situation anymore... I do not know what to say..

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    Well if you notified them of the new bank details and you have confirmation that they received your notification then they still owe you the money. Not your problem that they paid it to the wrong account.

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    ...Unless the bank account is registered to a different name and/or the "old company" (partners) did not confirm this was OK to do.

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    How can access to an old bank account be sold to other people? Wouldn't the new owners of the business have to set up a new bank account with their own details? Anyway, it's definitely EuroPartners' fault. I'm sure that GPWA can put you in touch with the right person from EuroPartners who can help you.

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    Clearly there has been an error - but is anyone surprised? If you work with poor programs expect poor service.

    The only affiliation element where Europartners could be called LEADING or BEST is in the "pushiness of AM" in an attempt to get a listing on your site. After that it's slow response, slow pay, and bad attitude all the way. I assume that they are paid some sort of CPA per affiliate signup.

    They are big on promises and rhetoric - but very poor on following through.
    I do hope that you get this sorted out - but it won't be quick or easy- it NEVER is with Europartners.

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