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    Default loads Gator on visitors/chatters

    I was using to provide chat rooms at a number of my sites, It's a popular free remote chat and community builder. Last night I discovered that they now attempt to install Gator on the browser of people enetering your chat room!!!

    I dont know when the hell this started, but I wanted to warn anyone who might be using this service. I am switching to PHP chat on my own server.

    Its sad when these so called "free content" providers work hand in hand with scumware!

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    That's exactly who they target as installation partners: Free services with high traffic.

    Most of the larger free services are now installing scum. It's how they can survive and stay free.

    One of my favorite places is webshot - a photography place that gives you a free program where you can have anything as screensaver/desktop. They now install Bonzi Buddy - you can prevent it from becoming active though. It takes adaware or similair to uninstall the sucker completely.

    Bonzi buddy started as a toy and tried to make money by selling additional features. It would have never made it without adding the scum.

    It is really kind of sad, but the free services have to make money somewhere, and scum was right there for them. Most of them would not be around without scum.

    Me, I'd rather pay a reasonable fee for my services and be scumfree.

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