Here is my story:
I have lost a lot of money due to what happened to 5050 poker. After that I decided to cashout all the money I had on any Microgaming skin. I was cashing out money from VideoSlots on a monthly basis(had 2 month break because I had a lot of exams, had to write dissertation and had defence of diploma paper) but when I tried to login on December I got message that my account was locked. I immediately contacted their support regarding that issue and got response that my account was locked by the operator Microgaming because of Chip Dumping. I demanded the details because I have never ever chip dumped and I wasn't even playing there for almost a year. They have responded with:

"We are not getting any details From Microgaming now because of the holidays. Note that your accout have been locked since September."

I asked why I wasn't informed about that and wanted to know exact date since my last withdrawal was 26.09.2012 but I couldn't get any response. I had to write another ticket to get response and I did get one:

"Hello ,

Looks loke your account is closed due to "fraudulent activity". We have not been able to find out exactly what the reason is."

I still haven't got response that I wanted and asked them to tell me who should I contact to resolve this problem and then they responded with:


Your account is not locked due to fraudulent activity. Your account have been deactivated due to inactivity for 12 months. Please check our terms and conditions.
"1.4 Videoslots reserves the right, at its own discretion, to:
confiscate inactive accounts including any funds. An account/user which has not played with real money in Videoslots poker and/or casino since 12 months is considered inactive. Inactive accounts and its funds will be considered to belong to"

Tbh I wasn't even aware of that policy and I'm not sure if TellPoker/DiamondBet had it as well before they merged with Videoslots in 2012. But even then the date I was trying to log in was 22nd December 2012 and it was already locked. The day I played last time on their site was 24th December 2011. I wanted to know why my account was already locked and why they were misinforming me for almost a month and they responded with:

"Your account was locked due to fraudulent activity. We unlocked your account in September when you provided us with all necessary documents. Since then your account have been open, until 24th December 2012, when it got deactivated accordingly to our terms and conditions."

I told them it is not true since it was locked when I tried to login 22nd December and it was locked already so It was locked for quite a while already and I still wanted to know why they were providing me false information regarding the reason why my account was locked. But they only came up with:


As I informed you earlier, your account was deactivated the 24th december accordingly to our terms and conditions."

Now they have stopped responding to me whatsoever and I have no idea what I can do about it. I'm writing it to maybe get some advice and to warn you guys who still have money there.