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    Default Facebook updates online gambling advertising restrictions

    Facebook released an update on its policies for online gambling advertising and under the new rules, some companies interested in promoting online gambling would need to contact parent company Meta for written permission.

    From Meta's announcement:

    To run ads that promote online gambling and gaming, advertisers will need to:
    Request written permission from Meta technologies using this form. Learn more about applying for permission to promote online gambling or gaming. Note that advertisers can only apply to target people in certain countries.

    Provide evidence that the gambling activities are appropriately licensed by a regulator, or otherwise established as lawful in territories they want to target

    Additionally, Meta doesn’t allow targeting for online gambling and gaming ads to people under the age of 18.
    Meta defines online gambling and gaming as "any product or service where anything of monetary value is included as part of a method of entry and prize." Monetary value includes but is not limited to cash or digital currencies.

    Also from Meta:

    Online gambling or gaming activities include:

    All forms of online gambling. Some common types of gambling include betting, lotteries, raffles, casino games, fantasy sports, bingo, poker, skill game tournaments and sweepstakes.

    Games where anything of monetary value is included as part of a method of entry and anything of monetary value is included as part of the prize. This includes games that require purchases to continue gameplay or provide an advantage in winning prizes (in cases where the prize is of monetary value).

    Ads with destination (landing) pages that contain promotions for online gambling or games, even if there is no opportunity to gamble or game directly on that page, such as aggregator or affiliate sites.

    The following are not considered online gambling or gaming activities, and they do not require permission:

    Physical, real-money gambling activity or establishments. Examples include “brick and mortar casinos” in Las Vegas, entertainment events at casinos, or streaming of offline poker tournaments, provided the ad or destination (landing) page does not promote or facilitate online gambling.

    Prize promotions that involve purchasing a product at the usual retail price as long as online gambling isn’t the primary business model of the advertiser or any featured brand.

    State or government lotteries as long as the advertiser is directly or exclusively responsible for running the lottery.

    Entirely free-to-play games.
    Read more here:

    Here is Meta's complete Online Gambling and Gaming advertising policy:

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    Saw this and I think this is also new, please correct me if I'm wrong:

    In an effort to increase accountability and transparency of Pages, Facebook is showing in News Feed the country or region where the person or business that publishes a post is based.
    Only people who manage Pages that are based in one country and reach large audiences in another country will be subject to location transparency.
    Will Facebook display country location on my Page posts?
    If you are an admin for a Page that reaches a large number of people in a country or region other than the one you’re based in, you may be notified that your primary location will be shown on posts you create.
    Your primary location is determined by your information and activity on Facebook, including the stated location on your Facebook profile and device and connection information. If we’re not able to confirm your primary location, you’ll be prompted to complete the Page publishing authorization process in order to continue publishing posts in the Page’s voice.
    If you spend several weeks in a country, your primary location might update. If this happens, the primary location shown on Page posts will also update.
    If you have completed business verification and show a Confirmed Page Owner country in Page Transparency, we will not show individual posting admins’ country locations but may show your Confirmed Page Owner’s country if it is different from where most of your audience is based.
    Note: You can submit a request for Facebook to hide your primary country location for special circumstances including risks to personal safety. Businesses can complete business verification to show their Confirmed Page Owner’s country instead of admins’ country locations.

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