I'm on the look for new customer for the new year, or to simply fill in some spare slots of writing time here and there.

I've worked in online casinos and IT support in variety of roles, which gives me a good understanding and knowledge of everything related to the industry and the technology behind it. Experience from customer support gives me insight to what the people want, what they want to read and what they want to click.

I've worked as freelancer for several years now, writing in Finnish and English and doing translations between the two. I have worked with casinos, big and small, affiliates as well as run my own affiliate websites. Mainly I write reviews; casinos, slots and software providers. On top of this I've written about pretty much anything related to the field from virtual reality to licenses to Eurovision betting. One thing I can't write about with confidence is sports; I simply don't follow them enough to show the customer I know more than they do. When it comes to anything else I know what I am writing and what I am selling. SEO etc are handily dealt with thanks to my experience and IT background.

I hate repetition; for example every paragraph of this post starting with 'I' bugs me. They shall remain there as an example. I always do my utmost to write in keywords with the most natural way possible; I know that otherwise people will simply stop reading. I try to produce text that above all wont be skimmed through.

My rates for English texts are 5 cents per word, and for Finnish texts 10 cents per word. If this is something you'd interested in simply contact me here and remember that the times for repetitive run of the content mill articles are over, and in order to rank high you need to produce quality content. This not only means text, but links, images, and layout.

PM or post in this thread for further discussion. I am also open to offering slightly lower rates in case you can offer something in exchange.