OK, I know you might tell me " well it depends " but,
can you just give me and idea as to what an average depositor will bring an affiliate per month?

ie... in my experience with promoting casinos, it seems an average first-time depositor will deposit about $50... and per month Id say he/she gambles away between $100-$200/month, netting me ( the affiliate ) about $30-50.

This is a conservative estimate, but it gives me an idea of how aggressive I can ( should ) spend on advertising.

With Forex, it seems like it would be more like poker... people are more strict. They see it as a business and are less likely to 'blow' money. Of course I suppose there are exceptions, like when you get a whale who enjoys risky investing and doesnt mind blowing 1000 or 10000 bucks.

So what do you think, any opinions?
Thanks for the help