A former BetOnSports employee has pled guilty to his role in an identity theft operation.

Prosecutors say Patrick Kalonji, 27, a native of the Republic of the Congo until his arrest, lived in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and served as a source of information for an identity-theft ring engaged in stealing personal identity information from victims throughout the United States, using the information to commit various forms of identity theft.

In the Republic of Costa Rica, he was employed in the credit department of the Internet-based gambling website BetOnSports.com. Prosecutors say Kalonji and his coconspirators stole the private identity information of at least 150 victims from sources including the BetOnSports credit department. The stolen information included the victims’ names, dates of birth, addresses, mothers’ maiden names, social security numbers, telephone numbers, credit card numbers, and three-digit credit-card security codes.

Victims of the scheme resided throughout the United States, including in New Jersey, Colorado, Texas, Florida, Arkansas, and California.

After stealing the victims’ identity information, Kalonji then e-mailed that information to other ring members who then used the stolen credit card numbers and identity information to commit various forms of fraud, including stealing money from the victims’ credit cards and bank accounts, making fraudulent purchases from various vendors over the Internet, and purchasing airline tickets for round-trip travel between Lagos, Nigeria, and New York City.
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