I seem to have fallen victim to the Fortune Affiliates and Red Returns merge. I have not received my August payment for 2290 I contacted both parties and have been given a foolish story without any proof. I have been informed that they overpaid me and now have to recoup over 5000 since making the migration to Fortune Affiliates. I call bull ****, this was the answer I was given from one of the higher ups at Red Flush.

Mark Fredericks:

"bottom line is there is an amount of approx $5 000 that has been confiscated and chargeback relating to a few of your top players. Thus over a period commission has been paid out on moneys never recieved. So we have to adjust things and claim this back"

[9/16/2014 12:17:19 PM] Mark Fredericks: i was fully under the impression this had been discussed with you and a recoup plan arranged?

This is not the first case; they have been doing this to my accounts for well over 3 years, shorting my pay 500 here 700 there. This is a common trend with them and I never receive an explanation, I am always given the run around. They have explained to me that they need to take 50% of my earnings until this is paid off... Not only this but they dropped me from 40% to 25%. Now if I make 1k at 25% 500 will go to fortune until the balance is paid. Has anyone else had this kind of experience?

Here was the solution they offered:

Mark Fredericks:

"As mentioned we have an amount of USD 6 845 related to the bank confiscations / chatregebacks relating to your accounts. We were going to recoup the $1 800 from August commission. Hense no commission. What i have agreed is that htere is no way of avioding the chargebacks, its money we paid out that should not have been. So what we propose is that each month we take 50% of your commission and net it against this. So for example if last month your commission was Euro 1 400 we will pay out Euro 700 and take the other Euro 700 against the outstaning amount. We do this every momnth until the $6 845 goes down to zero, and then the full amounts apply. We have run through this excersice with all our affilaites affected, and understandibly guys were not happy, however in this partnership its only fair. The reality is we overpaid commission over the last years and never collected this due to chargebacks / bank confiscations. Regretably these are the risks we face ion the online casino business. So if we can agree on this and move forward. As mentioned by wayne he is a top acc manager here, and we want to work with you to get better results from your players etc"

Has anyone else been affected by this migration if so I would like to hear your experiences. I have worked with a number of networks/casinos and have never had as many problems as I have had with Red Flush...

These are my Aug stats I find the Netrev odd to begin with and I have no idea why they would drop me down to 25% when I produce over 10k in deposits a month. Also I find it very odd that once they offer non cash incentives I never see the revenue from that again and it's always placed negatively against my accounts. I think they use it against my accounts to justify not paying out a true 40% commission. I am tired of trying to contact someone and getting no response and when I do someone is always "in a meeting" it's bullshit and I suggest thinking twice before working with them.

Purchases Progressives Gaming Revenue Non Cash incentives Tax Chargebacks Total Commission Tier Earnings
325.83 8,934.48 3,192.87 0.00 0.00 5,726.88 25.00% 1,431.74