Hi All,

Just about every webmaster will cry blue murder if someone steals their content. However when it comes to Free Templates it seems that some have no issue with removing the required copyright links back to the designer and or the sponsor site(s) who also have their links in the footer and must remain too.

In the last two days one private member and one public member, who I'd both advised previously they MUST put the links back, found both still had not reinstated the required links to use the free template(s).

Now I don't go around hunting this stuff down.
One I found on the freshman forum asking for a site review, then other asking about aff programs, so naturally you check out the URL.

Am I the only one who cares about this stuff?

Frankly if you remove required links (from free templates and themes), there is no difference in my mind between that and stealing content.

Granted a number of these affiliate using these free themes (templates) are noobies. But all I'm doing is giving them some insight into what is cool and what is not. Instead, I get bad attitudes, feed some BS or I'm given bad lip.

Maybe next time I wont bother advising the webmaster to add the links back. Instead I'll just go to the copyright owner/webmaster and advise them of the breach & they can sort it out.