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    Default Free Widgets & Sports Data Feeds - With your own affiliate links

    Hi Family of GPWA!

    We would like to show you our new FREE widgets for Sports Data to add into your website.

    In Oddspedia, we know how difficult it’s to build a sports betting website from zero. So, for those of you who are investing your time and money on building your website, we’ve got a “All in one” solution for you.

    Our Oddspedia Widgets are brand new, completely customizable for your website and it will allow you to add your affiliates codes inside them.

    The Oddspedia Widgets works on a click share system of 50/50 between the editors & webmasters and the site. Integration is a simple process - choose your bookmakers, add your affiliate links, and copy-paste the script on your page. The Widgets have a mobile-friendly and responsive design, and we made sure they fit and look good on all devices.

    Odds Comparison Widget

    The Odds Comparison Widget displays the real time data from more than 70 bookmakers from all around the world. Best prices, odds movements, for any single game you want. You can pick a game and get all the details and live score information while while being effortless to integrate on your website in few simple steps

    Match Center Widget

    Do you have Champions league tips page on your site? Or you have match preview pages you want to enhance. something you can achieve with the Match Center. This widget boosts your digital product by offering engaging live coverage for different sports.

    Two other widgets will be developed soon by our team: LiveScore and Dropping Odds.

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    Was taking a look and noticed
    For each operator, Webmaster can add own referral links to the widget (“Webmaster referral links”, henceforth), after which all clicks on links to those operators with an added Webmaster referral link, will be randomly split by the Company upon generation. The split of those clicks will be 50-50 between the Oddspedia and the Webmaster. Webmaster will instantly and for as long as the service is used on any (sub-)page, place a sitewide, visible “No-Follow link” to in the Footer which contains the Oddspedia Logo + easily readable and visible text 'Data powered by Oddspedia' which has to follow the design as embedded in the iframe. The Oddspedia logo for Footer implementation can be downloaded from the Company's website under the following URL is a bad url and returns 404


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