I got an out of the blue email from G2 Affiliates this week saying:

"We are sorry to inform you that your application to join the G2Affiliates network has been rejected. If you would like to know more about the reasons for your rejection from our network, feel free to contact us as affiliates@g2affiliates.com
Kind Regards,
G2 Affiliate Team"

This isn't however an application rejection, my application was accepted in August 2015 and I have been using the account since promoting their bingo brands.

I have received nothing in the run up to this from G2 to do with my account and now I can't log in any more. I have no idea what they owe me or how many accounts they have from me.

Despite what their email says they will not reply to you if you contact them.

I can't believe this, it is blatant unethical closure of a 9 month old active affiliate account under the false pretence of an application rejection.

Has this happened to anyone else. If you have G2 account, I recommend you go check your accounts and revenues now before they shut you out without warning.