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    Thumbs up Gambling Industry Association joins the Affiliate Forum Alliance

    I'm very pleased to announce that the Gambing Industry Association ( has joined the Affiliate Forum Alliance.

    If you are not familiar with the GIA, you should be. Here is a brief description of the GIA as currently published on the Alliance website:

    The ultimate mission of the Gambling Industry Association (GIA) is to forward the credibility of the Industry as a whole. The GIA recognizes that there are 4 distinctly separate entities that drive our Industry; Players, Affiliate Programs, Casinos, and Software Providers, each of which have competing financial motives, and are often times in direct conflict with each other. Through cooperation and communication, the GIA aims to bring together these Gambling Industry Stakeholders, one and all, and to create an environment of honesty and co-operation for the betterment of the industry as a whole.
    Personally, I'm very pleased to be working together with the GIA as a member of the Affiliate Forum Alliance as are all of the founding members of the alliance.

    For more information about the alliance visit the website

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    This is excellent news, things seem to be moving forward quite rapidly!

    I really do hope all of this effort leads to a much more honest environment for all involved in online gambling

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    Much obliged to Michael for reinstating my full posting rights, hence I can unresign myself from the public section of the GPWA, for the purpose of banging the drum about nonsense bonus abuse accusations, or indeed other forms of casino utopia.

    Before the arm waving starts regarding the GIA or any alliances, members should read the GIA Players Code Of Ethics page and note that in my opinion atleast, every ethical affiliate group should have such a page.

    Excerpt from the GIA Player Ethics Page
    4: Important - It is our viewpoint that a casino that offers a bonus must honour a payout to a player who plays according to the bonus terms and conditions.

    5: Important - If a casino chooses to offer bonuses as a marketing tool then it is our viewpoint that they have knowingly given away the whole or part of their house edge for whatever purpose, be it marketing or simply generating goodwill. We reiterate though, that we know that conditions are attached to bonus play and only ask that you make those conditions known to us, the players, in a clear and concise way that is easy to find as well.

    6: Important - We reject the old argument that bonuses are being abused if a player makes a minumum deposit and takes advantage of the bonus. You (the casino), chose to make a bonus available and stipulated measurable terms and conditions. If we, as players, then go on to win within those terms and conditions, then it is our right to be paid as well. Again, we emphasise the fact that YOU chose to offer the bonus and YOU set the specific provisions. If we win, and if you deem us to be undesirable as players, then please pay us out our winnings and ask us to leave. We acknowledge that it is your right to do so.
    Bonus Abuse: It has hit the fan at the Casinomeister's regarding a Bonus Abuse Blacklist whereby winners are denied a cashout at a Microgaming powered casino, after the fact, due to an alleged "bonus abuse blacklist", instead of denying deposits due to such a blacklist.

    Any webmaster who does not see what is fundamentally wrong with this picture, should not be running a website in the business of sending gamblers anywhere for a percentage of losses, or media buys, imo.

    Much obliged for your time..

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    Welcome back joeyl. I have read a lot about bonus abuse and bonus abuse v. fraud and yes, there is something definately wrong there. Thanks for the link.

    I am happy to see an outstanding forum such as the GIA a part of the Alliance.

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    Right on joeyl very pleased your back!


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