The Forschungsstelle Glücksspiel (Gambling Research Centre) has released a set of recommendations that, if adopted, would transform the betting industry in Germany. The recommendations include imposing taxes on unlicensed operators, and legalizing, but strictly controlling, online casino games.

From iGamingBusiness:

The Centre's position paper, released ahead of a meeting of state lawmakers in December, also called for a new, federal regulatory authority to be established.

“There is agreement that the enforcement against illegal providers on the Internet needs to be strengthened,” the Centre said.
It pointed out that offshore operators were currently able to bypass any gross revenue or turnover taxes imposed on licensed operators, or only a sales tax on revenue. By ensuring that all gaming businesses, whether licensed or not, were required to pay tax, the illegal operators would lose a key advantage over the regulated market.

The Centre highlighted the fact that land-based casinos generated gross gaming revenue of €607m in 2017, and paid €319m in casino and sales taxes. The illegal online market, on the other hand, is estimated to have generated total GGR of €1.76bn that same year, but only paid value added tax of €334m. Had they been subject to the same taxes as their land-based counterparts, these operators would have been liable for €915m in taxes.
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