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    Default Gambling a "silent addiction" on American campuses

    One of the biggest gambling demographics in the United States is college students. Whether its poker game with the guys on your floor, placing bets through a bookie you know through a friend from class or logging onto an online sportsbook, there is always action going on somewhere on a college campus.

    The Chicago Sun-Times
    ran an article on Saturday that said gambling is a "silent addiction" that hits college students disproportionately.

    One in four college men gamble on sports on a monthly basis, while more than one in two take part in any form of gambling -- including card-playing or going to casinos -- according to surveys by Don Romer, who has researched high school and college gambling rates for the Annenberg Public Policy Center at the University of Pennsylvania.

    "Gambling among college students has proliferated over the last 20 years," he said.

    In fact, problem gambling has become such a concern that the national Task Force on College Gambling Policies last month issued a report saying universities should campaign against it to the same degree they fight drug and alcohol use. Only 22 percent of colleges have written gambling policies, the task force said, and very few have outreach programs.

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    So they are saying that because:

    one in two take part in any form of gambling
    College kids are 'silently addicted'?

    Then by the same logic 99% of college kids are alcoholics and pill poppers. (who hasn't taken some stimulant, even if only over the counter to stay awake studying for a test?)
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    Quote Originally Posted by NicolasJohnson View Post
    So they are saying that because:

    College kids are 'silently addicted'?
    Why not, but of course they should have a limit. Nowadays, college students have a positive views about online gambling and I was read a couple of days ago that college student somewhere US create a blackjack monitoring system.

    Addition: Here's the news I'm pertaining to,

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