I cam across this article today that is quite concerning .... Scientific Games is offerings gambling style Facebook apps available to children.

To read more: http://www.casinogamespro.com/2017/1...le-to-children

More and more reports emerge in relation to the numerous Facebook-based games which offer a gambling experience to users of all age groups. One of the big names in the field, the US-based Scientific Games, is making these apps available for everyone who has an account on the social media platform, without any substantial age checks ..............

As it was reported by Tom Watson, the Deputy Leader of the Labor Party in the UK, as many as 60,000 children have been participating in the staking money practices and their number is growing by the hour. The risk of addiction at a later point in their life or even at the age they currently are is getting higher with the number of hours they spend on the said apps which accurately represent what real-life gambling in a casino feels and looks like. Mr. Watson expressed his concerns that the tendency of offering such digital content is deeply concerning and should, therefore, be prohibited.