Carrie Stroup represented the United States at the Miss World 2001 pageant. She won the Miss United States Teen title in 1998. She is a part-time model and actress who has appeared on the show "Scrubs."

Shockingly, Stroup is now a senior reporter at Gambling911. Not shockingly, sports website Faniq named her the hottest reporter at this year's Super Bowl.

Faniq states:
"This year, who will be the next media day sensation? My money is on Carrie Stroup. At only 26 years old, she's a senior NFL reporter for, which is obviously a gambling site. They also post some gambling news and articles, many of which are written by Ms. Stroup."
Stroup told Gambling911 that she is "truly honored to have received this type of acknowledgment. Hopefully I can live up to all expectations this Super Bowl."

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