What is it?

Game in a Can (http://www.gameinacan.com) is a self contained shockwave based games suite with built in chat and a working points system.

Why would you want it?

-It's very sticky content, with high quality games.
-You get ALL of the advertising space and complete customizability.
-You get return visitors who want to chat with friends and build their points up.
-You don't have to do anything but paste a bit of html into your site

The advertising space beside the games and chat has proven to be very valuable, and will most likely provide some of the highest CTR's on your site. It's prime real-estate you didn't have before.

I've already got games, why yours?

High quality games, addition of good ad real-estate, sticky additions with the chat and points back-end, definite increase in returned visitors. Points from blackjack can be taken and spent on video poker or slots. GameInaCan will continuously improve its product, like adding craps and roulette soon, and as we do, you don't need to change a thing. Just log in one day and there will be more games!

If webmasters get all of the advertising, what's in it for gameinacan.com?

We share the e-mails you collect. You get a copy, and we get a copy. That's all there is to it.

An example or two of who's already using this:
Deluxegambling.com (free games link at the top of the index)
Slots-Info.com (main free games graphic)

If you're interested simply visit http://GameInaCan.com for more information. Sites will be reviewed by GameInaCan.com staff, but we're not too picky about who can use it, so don't be hesitant.