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    Default Gamesys Group Partners closed my account

    I was contacted by Gamesys Group Partners a while ago. They sent the following e-mail to me on the 18th of February:

    Dear partner,

    We’ve noticed that it’s been some time since there has been any activity within your account. We’d really like to keep you on board so please reach out to the team, highlighting any issues you’ve been facing, so we can assist with getting things back on track.

    However, if we haven’t been able to identify any technical issues within 10 days of sending this email, we will pass this account on for closure, in line with our group terms and conditions.

    We look forward to hearing from you.

    Best Regards
    Gamesys Group Partners
    I replied to the e-mails multiple times, tried to reach out through skype and every e-mail address I could find. They just ignored med and later sent this e-mail.

    With reference to the previous email sent on 18th February 2020 regarding your account activity, it appears that there has not been any communication between yourself and our team. Since you are not actively promoting our brands, and are no longer referring players to our service, we are terminating your JPJ Group Affiliate account immediately.
    First of all, that is not true. I have been promoting them since 2012. Their conversion rates has been extremely poor the last few years though so the amount of new players has been reduced. My revenue share was still around €9k in 2019 even though I had a bad deal with them considering they have extremly high admin fees.

    After this e-mail I sent an e-mail stating that I will take legal action against them. It didnīt take long until I finally got a response from them. First they told me that they would only close the affiliate account for Finlandia Casino since they no longer operated that brand. I then noticed that I no longer could login to my main account, which they did not even mention before. They tried to convince me to create a new account if I wanted to continue working with them, but they would still steal my players that I have sent since 2012. They did not have the terms & conditions that they refer to when I created the affiliate account and I assume that Gamesys has acquired the company since then.

    So in conclusion: a life time revenue share deal with Gamesys Group Partners is not what it is supposed to be. It is easier to get direct contact with Donald Trump than any of their affiliate managers. Stay away unless you want to be scammed.

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    These guys became worthless.

    I have account in JPJ for few years and for 2 months been trying to sign up to Gamesys but they told me they do not accept new affs in current climate.

    No idea what climate that means.
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    You are best off out of it. These guys can't be trusted anyway. I stopped promoting any related brands when they retrospectively changed terms on affiliates quite a long time ago.

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    Same here, i sent them various mail that they simply ignore..
    they blocked my account. Gamesys must be marked as rogue brand for the many complains, followed by their dishonest behaviour and predatory terms.

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    They stole all my players when they aquired virging games. From what I remember they opened me an account and closed it weeks later. My virging games account used to do OK till these turds got their hands on it.

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    Yup, I also cannot login to my account anymore. I've also tried the password reset (but I knew my pw) and that didn't work.

    So I also consider my account at Verajohn Affiliate / Plainpartners / ppincome as being closed.
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    Same... Though it was an older account from the Vera John days that they took over.. Tried to contact them for other brands to see where we could work together but no reply... And then just couldn't log in anymore - no reply on that either. Probably for the best.. Terrible way to handle things.

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