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    Default Gaming Apps on Facebook

    Curious, was browsing FB the other day and got me thinking, what's the most popular or preferred gaming app. on Facebook? Do you play and what is it (post url here).
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    Default Mafia Wars, Texas Hold 'Em Poker, Farmville

    The time I joined facebook, I got addicted to MafiaWars and did notice a lot of enthusiasts are having fun playing the game as well. Ranking profile, beating gang lords, declaring wars, and sucking a lot of money as you can..

    But almost a year after, during the time I stumbled on the Texas Hold 'Em Poker game app on facebook under the same developer, Zynga, I almost forgot about the Mafia thing. The App just simulates what a real money online casino could be. And I learned tricks on playing the game through it..

    Though been hearing the popularity of farmville, I never really had time trying it out.
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    I have a site about these:

    Probably the most popular one is Farmville, personally I dislike it. Too many pop ups.

    Which type game you like depends largely on your likes and dislikes and on how much time you want to spend on it.

    Some are pretty much pure decorating sites - even if you can't draw a straight line you can create things that will be beautiful - at least to your eyes Fishworld is such a game, you can create underwater landscapes and of course add all types of fairly lifelike fish.

    Others are engaging you in all kinds of quests and are quite time consuming. Many of the Zynga games are like that.

    All of them can be played for free, but all of them make the most desireable components cash items.

    These game sites make HUUUGE money and have been syphoning low rollers and newbies from the gaming industry at an alarming rate.

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    The only gaming app on Facebook I currently play is Happy Aquarium and I never buy any of the pearls or credits. I find it more rewarding. Farmville for me is too time consuming and Happy Aquarium only requires a quick clean of the tank and feeding of the fish. I really enjoy building my aquarium and buying better and better fish. Here's one of my tanks

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    I created my social gaming site late last year and find that it's growing at a crazy rate. I'm also addicted to Farmville, Cafe World, Texas holdem poker, Retail Therapy and more. They just released a football/Madden type game that I'm playing today.

    Here is my site. I try to keep up-to-date on the most popular games and have a lot more work to do, but I enjoy it since as I said I'm addicted to the games!

    This is going to be my next non igaming business that I grow into something that support my livelyhood eventually.

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    There is a really good website with information on facebook games, including the popularity of individual games and how their popularity has changed over time.

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