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Oriental themed Geisha Lounge Casino is a 32 bit Microgaming casino offering you pure gaming pleasure !!

There is alot of hard work here at The Lounge , we are due to launch our new Loyalty program very soon. ( Dan its on its way, promise !)

So what about the ca$h ?

100% initial money back is what we are offering. Yes thats right deposit up to 75$ and we will match it to that!

The recent introduction of FirePay gives Geisha players another payment option. Choose from Credit Cards, Western Union, Direct (Bank) Transfer or FirePay.

Have friends who gamble ?

Send a friend and you will find $25 smack in your account !

conditions apply please see our terms and conditions page ..

guys+ gals check out our Geisha Granny clip at www.geishalounge.com/groo...eisha.mpg.

So come see the oriental mysteries of "The Lounge" @ www.geishalounge.com?bid=...PS&sec=P16

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