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    Default Genting Affiliates De-Tagging players then denying it

    This is going to be a bit long, but anyway thought I would warn people about what's happened to me with them.

    I promoted these first in 2014 and had a special promotion over Cheltenham for them.

    I had problems with them at the time, where most of my players weren't tagged to me, something they admitted was an error, and after months of discussion, finally got sorted out, with them tagging them all to my account, eventually.

    I've never really promoted them since then as was totally unimpressed with how they dealt with the problem, and the fact the affiliate team changed at least twice in the time I was talking to them, which caused more problems as the new team apparently had no access to previous emails so had to start all over again.

    Fast forward to this year, I always try to promote 3 or 4 smaller but established companies over Cheltenham as the conversions tend to be better for me than doing one of the big firms.

    I had noticed I was geting regular emails from Genting, both customer and affiliate ones, so thought I would see what they were offering and, depending on their responses, possibly promote them again.

    I also checked my account to see if any of my previous players had been active, and I noticed a lot were missing again.

    I emailed them asking why customers were missing and why they had been de-tagged, to which I was told there were no problems, and no customer had ever been de-tagged.

    However what they didn't know was, one of the old teams had actually emailed me a list of customers who hadn't been tagged properly, which they probably shouldn't have considering it included names, dates of birth, addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses, so i could prove customers were missing.

    So after a few more emails i sent a list of user names over to them and got an email back from Robert Wakeman who informed me there did in fact seem to be a problem, although also stated they never de-tag players (er, where have they gone then), and that as they were a new affiliate team (where have I heard that before) it was proving to be hard to track down historical information. Strangely, he also asked why I was interested now, which I would have thought was obvious, players were missing, I just noticed, so want to know why!

    I replied to his email on the 29th March, giving him some more information, and explaining exactly why i had left it until now, and haven't heard anything back, despite chasing it up twice since.

    The fact is, players have been de-tagged from my account, and when I proved this, they stopped replying, so if anyone promotes them, and has historical data they can check, I would recommend you do so as I am sure it won't have just been me this has happened to.
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