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    Default Giantvegas & Royaldice stiffed me for over $7000

    I have waited a long, long time and tried many, many channels to get
    paid what I rightfully won.

    Giant Vegas & Royal Dice are dishonest and deceptive; they deny their
    own terms & conditions. Between the two casinos they have confiscated
    more than $7000 of my winnings!

    When I played, the terms stated that Three Card Poker counted towards
    the completion of the wagering requirements. The terms also stated
    that roulette could be played but that it would not count toward the
    wagering requirements. NOWHERE did the terms say that roulette could not
    be played!

    The casinos sent me an email AFTER I made my deposits, indicating that
    if I wished to play any exluded game I should notify them.

    I ask you, the betting public, after you deposit at an online casino
    what would you do next? Check your email for additional terms &
    conditions or play your money? The answer is obvious. Giant Vegas and Royal
    Dice are trying to pull a fast one.

    As I said I have tried many avenues for help (the playtech dispute team
    [what a joke!], Bryan Bailey at, and more) but
    nothing has changed. And it seems these two casinos are continuing
    business as usual, and their affiliates continue to work as intensively
    as ever with these casinos as well...

    Here are some emails I got from them, I saved also a screesnhot supporting my claim that it was not mentioned that you may not play roulette at all

    Dear xxx

    Please note that we have terms and conditions in place, like any casino to prevent unfair gaming. Upon your purchase and receipt of bonus you were sent an email that outlined the terms and conditions of this first deposit bonus. These terms and conditions are also outlined on our website for the first deposit bonus. Furthermore, in the email you received it states that should you wish to play an excluded game you should contact support in order to remove the bonus before you commence play.

    We are aware that you met the wagering requirement playing 3 card poker after you played roulette. However, we cannot overlook the fact you made your winnings playing roulette with your deposit + bonus before moving onto an accepted game. This has been deemed suspicious play as it was conducted at both casinos in exactly the same manner.

    I understand your frustration; however the casino is bound by these terms and conditions. We have decided to return your initial deposits as it appears you misunderstood the terms of the bonus and terms of use of this casino and it would be unfair of us to penalise you for such a mistake. Please accept this as a gesture of goodwill.

    Kind Regards


    This is Iris Toledano from playtech, she seems to support me but she has no power

    Dear xxx

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    For screenshots that support my claim you can click here

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    Default Hello

    I think that One must respect the rule but one can't lose 7000 $.

    Because if you lose playing witout respect the rule nothing give to you the money that you have lost.

    I am sorry for casperfix.
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