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    Default Giving out traffic info when selling adspace


    do you always give out your traffic numbers / analytics info when someone contacts you (from a seemingly legit agency) wants to buy adspace on your website? Long time ago I used to share that info with people who were interested and the deals never happened.
    I ended up feeling like these people were just fishing for information.
    If you want to buy adspace from a site that only gets search traffic from Google/Bing, I give you some of my keywords I rank in Google and it's up to you from now on what you will do with that information, right?

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    Hi sportsbookh,

    I only saw your post today. I don't know how I missed it. This is a bit of a tricky question to answer, so I'll try to answer it as best I can. If you don't feel comfortable in doing business with people who appear to be 'legit' and also your gut feeling tells you that it's a bad idea, then you probably should listen to your gut instinct. It actually works most of the time. I'm not sure how it works and that it's usually right, but it is. Most people actually admit to it being right, lol. Personally, I don't trust people who I don't know. For example, my mom gets a lot of scam calls to her mobile phone and also to her house number. Since she changed her house number, she doesn't get scam calls on their anymore, because her phone number is listed as a 'Private Number'. Also, on occasion, she gets scam emails which mostly just end up in her junk mail and she just deletes them without reading them. There's a very good chance that they contain malware, who knows and she certainly doesn't want to find out. This whole idea applies to everything else in the general sense of the word.

    As for exchanging ranking keywords in Google and such, yes, you can certainly go ahead and do that, but only if your comfortable in doing so and you have full trust in the other people with who you are involved with. Remember, that there are always risks in life that we all have to take and you just have to try to make the right decisions for yourself and so does everyone else. I hope that my answer is helpful to you. Good luck to you
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    That's like asking "Do you always give out your number to anyone who asks for it". There are several advertising models: tenancy fee, rev share + fee, revshare only, CPA, any other hybrid deal that I haven't mentioned.

    If it's tennancy deal, AT MOST you'd want to show them the Impressions per whatever time frame you are negotiating and perhaps the GEO of the traffic. No keywords, no nothing. You are paying to be on top of my list. If they r looking for GEO targeted traffic on specific keywords they can hit Google PPC for all I care.

    If it's a revshare, then you don't have to give them ANY stats. You get what you refer, they are not paying anything upfront, why would they care unless fishing for info. If it's rev share + fee, again you dont have to give them Anything. The fee is to be placed to whatever you have agreed to, the revshare is for future earnings.

    Same goes for CPA. Any other hybrid deal, at most you'd want to give them for the sake of an improved campaign or banners is GEO. Everything else is your website, your rules, your business. Plenty of software they can use to somewhat pinpoint your keywords.

    Stuff like "What can I expect for my 3k a month?" is like me asking them "What can I expect after getting a 100 depositing players". They contacted you after all if they are serious they'd figure something out like a trial month for a certain fee or something before going with a longer deal. Or they'd just take a leap of faith and sign the deal.

    The rest are timewasters, milking the Bull and selling it as milk - casino, poker, sports betting guides, reviews & bonuses.

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    Pretty much reiterating what xecutable said, which is solid advice

    Media Buy (aka tenancy fee) when I used to cut these type of deals, I've always provided a screen capture (Awstats) of the Monthly History for a period of the last 12 months. This provides enough traffic data to see if it's viable for the casino. If I'm pressed for keywords etc., etc, I politely decline. It's none of their business IMHO.

    Any other deal, they get nothing.

    Even if they're dangling a big-juicy-carrot... Don't get suckered into giving away any other information.
    Do the right thing, even when no one is looking. It's called integrity.

    igaming affiliates rights - fairness for all iGaming affiliates

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    I usually point them to my SEMRUSH stats page for any site that gets significant organic traffic - it's accessible for anyone and pretty much shows the major keywords the site is pulling traffic for.
    I usually don't mind sharing traffic volume details, I think it's fair to provide enough info for a serious potential advertiser so they can make a decision about a placement or not. I also always research someone who contacts about ad space so I filter out time wasters.

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    I don't see any sense in giving those data. There are so many options, like semrush, ahrefs, etc, to get the data you need about every site, so if someone is really interested in buying adspace, he'll find the way to get those data by himself.

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