The United States District Court in Las Vegas has dismissed a lawsuit filed by poker professional Clonie Gowen against Full Tilt, saying the suit was without merit.

Gowen had sued the online poker room and a number of the high-profile members of Team Full Tilt, including Phil Ivey and Chris "Jesus" Ferguson, claiming she was owed a 1% ownership interest in the site.

From Poker News Daily:

The decision handed down earlier this week dismisses any further actions by Gowen in her attempt to prove that she was denied her share of Full Tilt Poker. The nine-page order meticulously ticks off where Gowen’s attorneys failed to prove their case. The action in May detailed that Gowen would need to prove “the terms of the Agreement with more specificity. . . . what actions she was required to perform . . . the nature of the 1% ownership interest . . . in which exact companies she would have a 1% ownership interest, whether the 1% ownership interest reached other entities that were to be formed at a future date, or how and when Tiltware would be required to pay her.”