Received the following from GnG this morning regarding default rev shares:

Dear partners,

We would love to inform you that as of 1st of March, we will be doing changes in our default deal.
The changes reflect the Revenue Share default deal at all of its levels.

New default deal is “Up to 45% RS”, including the following levels of distribution:
1-5 FTDs per month – 30 % RS
6-10 FTDs per month – 35% RS
11-15 FTDs per month – 40% RS
16+ FTDs per month – 45% RS

Why we are making those changes?
- This is due to the increased investment that we did in the last couple of months in player retention tools.
The total amount of our investment is quite costly, but as expected, it shows great results in increasing player long-term-value.

How does this affect you as our partner?
- Overall, despite our default deal has been reduced slightly, as a result of our better retention, your total profit should increase.

*Note: The default deal affects only those who are currently on it

We invite you to take a look at our new affiliate website and of course, we will be happy to see you in any of the upper deal categories:
Please bear in mind that along with the new deal, we have updated our T&C that apply as February, 2021 -

Best Regards,
GnG Affiliates team