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    Default GOBETGO - 125.000 Euro SCAM!

    The bookie gobetgo has cheated me of 125.000 Euro! I have registered there at the end of August 2014. I'm a highroller / VIP and they told me,that i can place high stakes and i will get good bonuses. All went good so far, for around 1-2 months. i played a lot and won a lot. Total i deposit around 67000 Euro and cashed out around 162.000 euro. That money i received. But i won more and had again 125.000 Euro in my account and wanted to withdraw the money. After i requested the withdraw gobetgo told me, that i have to wait 1 month until the can sent me the money, because of their t&c i'm only allowed to withdraw 100k per month. So no problem for me and i waited until the 25th of december and requested again a withdraw and after that, they blocked my account and was telling me, that i'm part in a betting syndicate and all winnings are forfeit.My account is fully verified even their sec. phone call was no problem. I have figured out, that GBG thinks,that i share the aff. commission,that my agent gets if i lose...but i never lost, so there is nothing to share and i never ever shared anything or get any gifts from my agent. You all must understand,that i need an agent, when you play with such highstakes like i do, you need someone who takes care of everything. After that i contacted a lawyer and he tried to solve everything in a fair way for both sides, but they do not even think its necessary,to reply to a lawyers letter. They had time to answer 2 weeks, but do not contact me or my lawyer. So i need to make this So i need to make this public, because the lawyer said our chances are not big, because the have a curacao license on costa rica only a letter box,they operate from bulgaria and payments go over cypres. I want to open all of your eyes, they are scammers and if you lose, they will keep you,but if you win and win big, nobody will get paid! So withdraw all of your money as long as you have the chance to do so! The main guy there is this george, who is in several forums active, my lawyer confirmed,that he is the chief of those fraudsters.

    If there is someone who can help me, to get this money, i offer this guy 25.000 Euro! after i get paid! This is no joke!

    All those screenshots shows, that im right. I have tried everything to solve this with them in a good faith,i contacted skrill and a lawyer and now this has to go public! They let me no choice!
    And yes,gobetgo shows sometimes that tey had a big winner with some screenshots THIS WAS ME! But i get not paid for my winnings, so all is fraud there!

    @GOBETGO If you read this, we can still solve this,just sent me my winnings and will make sure, that all forums will know that you have paid me!

    @Edit...cant post images here..because i have not 5 postings so far.
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